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Tartiflette is a typical french dish from the Savoie region and it’s also a popular dish to eat after skiing.

The main thing about this is the cheese you use to make it. Must be Reblochon, a typical cheese from the region. That’s why everything is connected: the place, the dish, the cheese and the ski.

Reblochon kind of looks like a fresher version of Brie cheese. Some people recommend to use brie if you can’d find Reblochon but the original Tartiflette must be with the right cheese!.

The other night I made 2 Tartiflette: the original that includes bacon and a vegetarian version. I must say that the vegetarian was way better! That’s why I decided to post that recipe and not the typical one.

– 1 spoon of butter
– 2 onion chopped in cubes
– 1 small spoon of paprika
– 1 small spoon of nutmeg
– 1 cup of cream
– 3/4 cup of dry white wine
– 2 cups of washed fresh spinach
– 1 Reblochon cheese
– 4 big potatoes

Step by Step
Cook potatoes in hot water for 20 minutes.

In a pan put the butter and fry the onions, paprika and nutmeg.

In a bow mix the cream with the wine and add some salt and pepper.

When potatoes are ready cut them into sliced and place them one next to each other in a pot for the oven. Create one layer of potatoes and add some salt. Add a layer of onions follow by a layer of spinach. Create as much layers as long as you finish with a layer of spinach. Cover with the cream.

Slice the Reblochon cheese in the middle creating 2 circles. Cut every circle so you have 4 pieces of the cheese. Place them with the fresh part facing down on top of the spinach.

Cook in the oven at 200º for 30 minutes.

Serve with a mix salad, something fresh.
It’s very easy and perfect to eat during winter!

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