I was wondering, for a long time, when there would be a good food market in the streets of Santiago, Chile.

Long time I was expecting it, but no one responded my prayers.

The only fairs that have great audience in Chile, because there are no other kind of fairs, are the ones held in Bicentenario’s Park or Araucano’s Park; Echinuco, Paula Gourmet, Feria del Sandwich, etc. In all of them you have to pay for the entrance, like $5.000 chilean pesos, and in the inside you have to buy whatever you want to eat and also pay for the products you like.

If you want to enjoy a Sunday with your family, this type fairs assail your pocket and you finally end worrying to eat the cheap things the fair offers and you are starving all day.

But the day has come where angels listened to my prayers and my incredible brother, Pablo Lamarca, built and create with Mari Gálmez: MASTICA MARKET.

With references of the worlds largest food markets, Mastica Market, arrives to Chile with the idea of making each of your Sundays a fun day: getting out of home with your child or friends, buying groceries for the week, smelling and picking flowers to brighten your living room, testing new flavors and buying your lunch to go and eat it in the park.

The best part is that this market is free. You don’t have to pay to enter, you can admire every stand and try everything you want and if you want to buy something it is fully achievable.

One of the market goals is that all prices are adjusted to a normal and regular price, so that everyone can buy and enjoy the products in home. Flowers, groceries, lunch and exotic products have prices between $2.000 up to $10.000 chilean pesos to the top.

All of the products offered in the market come from the best providers of the country. The people behind Mastica Market work traveling, tasting and selecting the best products in the area, so you can learn and know about Chilean goods from Arica to Punta Arenas. The goal is to present all products as windows to the people so they can experience the wonderful things Chile has, create and sell.

The market it’s just in the border of the street, near the park, in Av. Costanera Sur. You can get there walking, by car, jogging, by bicycle or in the public transportation.

The next market is coming in November 1. The stands open at 11:00 and the market close at 18:00 hours. There is place for everyone, and the park is just downstairs. This Sunday is brunch time, and there will be a stand full of candies for the kids, many places you can buy things to make your lunch a unique one, a bar you can buy and enjoy a glass of wine, champagne, beer or any drink you would like.

Come and make your lazy Sunday a fun day!

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