They asked me to prepare a chilean drink.

All of you who are reading, probably thought of Piscola right away, but no… It is delicious, but there is another drink that identifies more as chileans.

Let me tell you there is a particular drink we make all year, but specially appreciate in spring, summer and some of us drink it as a prize when you arrive, in bicycle, to the top of San Cristobal’s Hill.

We all love MOTE CON HUESILLO. Mote is also known as boiled wheat. It has a funny texture when you eat it, but it’s so delicious.

I love Mote, I eat every once a week and I combine it with all type of things. I eat Mote as salad, with potatoes, with honey… I even eat it as a refreshing drink.

This famous chilean drink it’s not delicious because I said so. It is because I love the drink. It’s tasty and refreshing because of the combination of the ingredients it takes, its flavors and its exact doneness.

It is easy to make, everyone can make it, but it will take time to serve and drink, because you have to wait for its exact timing.

MOTE CON HUESILLO (for 2 servings)


200 gr of Mote or boiled wheat
4 sun-dried peach
1/4 tea Spoon of cinnamon
4 drops of any sweetener


Before doing any kind of mixtures or preparations, you must leave soaking the sun-dried peaches in water for about 3 hours. The trick here is that the water must be mixed with the juice that the sun-dried peaches come with. This will make that water gets the peaches flavor.

Now you can cook.

First you have to clean the Mote with cold water and drain it.

Then place Mote in a cooking pot with hot water and let it boil for about 30 minutes. Mote will get a light brown color, then you’ll know it’s ready.

Join Mote with the sun-dried peaches, water, cinnamon and the drops of sweetener. Now stir and put it in the refrigerator for about an hour.

Meanwhile you wait, go out and do some exercise, then when you are finished and crawling back home in fatigue, you’ll have a great prize waiting for you in you refrigerator.


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