AVE PALTA [video]

There are so many times I’m home and my stomach starts creaking but I Captura de pantalla 2015-08-29 a la(s) 18.00.29 1
don’t have the energy to prepare myself some meal and start cooking.

We have so much things to do during the day, that when we arrive home, we just want to lay down, watch TV and that no one bother us for one hole hour. In those minutes, it’s when my stomach starts talking to me and five minutes later, I’m starving, so I need to do something.

IMG_9034The thing is, that I just want a fast sandwich I can make in a few minutes and can help me stay alive until dinner. Todays sandwich is so easy, you can cook it in 5 minutes and it’s so delicious you’ll never forget it. In Chile, this sandwich it’s called: “Ave Palta”, in english; Chicken Avocado Sandwich. It is the perfect mix.

You can eat it anytime of the day. I usually cook it at brunch or tea time. It’s the perfect friend while you watch TV or study in the afternoon. Eat it with a Diet Coke by side, and you’ll think you’re on vacations.
You’ll make time in your day to eat and enjoy this sandwich.

Just try it, you will remember this.


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