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Brugge is a magical city, “a fairy tale city” like many say, a must over stop for who are visiting Belgium.

Brugge was declared in 2000 a UNESCO Heritage city. In 2002 was named cultural capital of Europe. Is also considered one of the medieval cities that is best preserved in Europe. Is that enough to convinced you to visit one the most beautiful cities in Europe?

Four things you will stuff yourself with while visiting Belgium: fries, beer, chocolates, waffles. Planning to visit Brugge? Don’t miss my recommendations on the best places to have them! But hold on, let’s start first with something sweet.


This is a Brussel waffle with different kind of toppings
This is a Brussel waffle with different kind of toppings

There are two kinds of waffles in Belgium. The most common one is called Brussels waffle and of course is the one you get in Brussels. Is a rectangular and crunchy waffle and you can put anything you want on top: nutella, chocolate, strawberries, cream, ice cream, whatever you want!! You can build a tower of food on top of it.

The other kind of waffle you can find in Belgium is the Luikse (dutch) or Liege (french) waffle, named after the city of Liege from the Wallonië region. Is the same dough as the Brussel waffle but the difference is that they put sugar in the Luikse waffle dough so when they put it in the machine with the heat that sugar gets caramelized. That’s why is a waffle that is sweet from the inside.

Luikse waffles you have them plane. They’re already sweet so you don’t need to put anything on top of it otherwise is too sweet. Put anything on top of the Brussel waffle, but is better to have the Luikse plane. I usually see some tourists in Brugge putting chocolate and cream and ice-cream in their waffles and its like a sugar bomb and at the end you don’t appreciate it correctly.

johnMy favorite place to have Luikse waffles in Brugge in Burg Square, main square in the city where the City Hall is. Is a small white car that’s park next to Court of Justice. John, the owner, has been making them for a couple of years already and he is the only one in the city that will take the fresh dough when you order the waffle and make it in the moment. Other places will make all the waffles in the morning and then reheat them when you order. You can definitely taste the difference between a fresh waffle and one that has been made hours before.

John sells both Luikse and Brussel waffles and he’s at Burg Square every day from 10:30 till 7. If you go in low season he will usually be off on Wednesdays.


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