(Video Recipe at the bottom) 

Here we go again.

Another recipe that would make you love your kitchen, would make you love cooking and above all, will bring you summer in just one bite.

We’re now in winter. You could imagine; every day it gets colder. Every day my bones are freezing a little bit more. Every day I am crying for those sunny lazy summer days.

So last week I woke up and had the greatest idea ever. Why don’t I cook with summer ingredients and bring the sun again between us? My family was coming for lunch that day, so I went to the supermarket and bought a large Pineapple.

I ♥ Pineapples. They have a tropical flavor and juiciness I can’t resist, but they also have incredible properties that helps and cleans your metabolism. They have a great concentration of Vitamin C and eating them as a fasting eat at breakfast speeds up your digestion making it a wonderful diuretic. Any way, I love Pineapples because they make me feel in the middle of summer and its the best way to pass those hot days.

I arrived home and started cooking and trying one flavor over another, trying to bring summer to my mouth in the middle of winter.

At last, I got it.

Roasted Honey Pineapple with Ice Cream.

A summer blast in winter.

Every one loved it, so here it is. The best way to go through winter without chilling your bones.


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