Few months ago I went out for dinner with R to a thailand restaurant.

We love to go out, eat new things and know new places to eat. But there is a thing we don’t exchange, and that is that we love and really enjoy cooking at home. Going out is just an excuse for tasting new combinations of flavor that could inspire us in our culinary hobby.

So, back to my story…

Few months ago we went to a thailand restaurant. We didn’t know what to ask for, so we took a guess and asked for some ceviche. I imagined some shrimps and salmon in a lemon dressing.
DSC_0040But no. It was the greatest guess ever.

The waitress brought us a bowl filled with shrimps and cucumber. Yes, cucumber. We took a spoonful, and “Oh my God”, we were walking through the streets of Bangkok. In the second bite we were teleported to the beautiful beaches of Phi Phi. When we finished it, we were back in SCL and we wanted more.

We fought for the last shrimp asking ourselves how we can get back this incredible flavor. So, we investigate, bought some exotic ingredients, tried every mix and finally got the miracle taste and made it ours. Just with our sense of taste we could arrived to Southeast Asia one more time from home.

So here it is. There is no need to travel too far. This Cucumber Ceviche, makeshift by us, will take you there in just a second.

It’s so delicious, easy and fresh! You’ll love it.

Let your meal take you wherever you want. That’s the magic of it.

CUCUMBER CEVICHE (Video at the end)


– 3 cucumberscevichemesa

– 1 kg of shrimps without tail

– 3 tbsp of Sesame Oil

– 3/4 can of Coconut Milk

– 3 tbsp of Olive Oil

– 4 Lemon juice


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