Raw Raw Raw …raw pumpkin soup

That’s all I’ve heard sick time ago.

What does it mean Raw?

So I got to investigate and found an incredible world.

Raw means uncooked food or food in its native state, that’s it!

Uncooked? They eat raw vegetables without baking or frying?

It seemed impossible. So one day I received a call from a friend and invite me to “Marias Felices” a little workshop were we would learn to cook the raw food diet.

“Ok.” – I said.

Why not trying something new?

I was with the provision that all these concepts were fashion. A simple trending topic that would disappear in a few months. Something that would become “cool” and that people would join just for showing off, not for its essence.

When I got in the class there where about 10 people.  In front, a teacher was cooking lunch and dinner dishes.

We made sauces, soups, ravioli, ceviche, rice and quinoa. Each dish impressed me even more.

It was easy and it was full of creativity. Cooking raw food was fun. Yes, I admit it.

Why didn’t I think of that before? It was there all the time in front of my face when I opened the refrigerator.

I never thought you could do so delicious meal without cooking!

The first thing I tried was a pumpkin soup with sunflower seeds. What impressed me the most was that it was cold!

What the F … a raw cold soup?

I tried it with no desire. I thought it would be a thrill of disgust. But when I tried it I ate non-stop, I could not swallow fast when another spoon full of soup was already in my mouth.

Really exquisite.

Now, I haven’t  became a Raw girl … No. I still love meat, chicken and sweet. But, I do have more awareness of the things we cook and eat.

We can eat the most delicious food and it is healthy. It will taste far better than any burger in a car after partying. (There is no better food for me that the one you get after having a party; always intense, unique and special flavor.)

No joke, I also thought, like many who are reading me now, that raw food was a senseless fashion. But no. It is rich, creative, healthy and easy to cook. No flour or gluten. And best of all is that you use things in your own refrigerator, it’s so easy.

I really recommend it. Try and see.

You do not have to change your way of eating, incorporate it into your diet. Mix the ingredients and have tastier dishes.

I do that now. A fusion of all types of food and I can’t stop licking the dishes when I finish.

I do not need to rinse them before getting them to the dishwasher … haha.


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