OH LÀ LÀ [video]

It was a cold night. No, it really was a freezing night.

I was walking through the streets of Paris, near midnight. I had arrived a few hours ago but I needed to get out and get some fresh air. It was so cold outside that my bones started to hurt. I walked looking down, trying to cover my face with the scarf. Suddenly, I smelled something delicious.

It was such a nice smell… I still remember that incredible smell.

I looked up la foto-2and there it was.. A tiny little restaurant, full of people and all of them were eating a rare dish. It was a Mussel’s soup but they eat it with french fries. At the beginning I thought it was weird but that delicious smell getting out of the restaurant, made me go in and try it.

I order that plate. My parents and some brothers who were with me, ordered the same.

We waited anxiously.

Finally the plate was in front of us. I grab a mussel in one hand and in the other, I smear the frie in the soup, then take both to my mouth.


Now I know why the french people say that so often when there is something incredible in their mouths.

I just can’t describe the feeling, so I think you’ll have to experience it by yourself.

So here it is, I give you my recipe of the best “Moules Frite” you will ever taste.

It’s perfect for those winter and cold days and it is really so easy to make.

Just cook and let the smell take you to Paris.


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