There is no better thing in the world that when you have a whole day just for you.

Waking up early.

Feeling rested.

Cooking Breakfast.

Laying down on the grass and looking the clouds pass through.


Letting go all kind of thoughts.




Sharing all these with your favorite person in the world.

You would never want to let this day go away.
I love those days. Just staying in home, maybe in bed, relaxing and enjoying doing nothing. Just pretending there is no world outside. I promise you would never forget this day, just try it.

It’s even better when you share a day like this with the one you love. I usually do it with my boy and I cherish every moment together. The best part of it is when we cook. It’s so much fun and I really learn a lot from him, even though I tell him otherwise haha. He just have that “thing” with combination of flavors that makes a dish unforgettable. So we both cook together, learn from each other, and create wonderful things… even though sometimes I add more things to the cooking pot behind his back..

I know you are reading and I know you do the same, that’s why I love you… haha

One of our latest recipe was BANANA PANCAKES.Captura de pantalla 2015-04-05 a la(s) 22.39.30

The perfect way to start the day and a delicious dish you will enjoy with every one you love.

Make it a “must” in your schedule for your special day. It’s so easy, healthy and nutritive. The best three things a meal must have…

Just watch the visual recipe and take some notes… SO DELICIOUS!

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