I ♥ ICE CREAMS [video]

  (The video is at the end of the post)

It’s still hot during this last days of summer. We waited so long for them and they went to fast. I’m already counting how many weeks are left for the next vacations…

Do you know how much it is?

Let me kill your moment…


Yeah… I’m so sorry.

But, now that you know, you can go and use these days to do something worthwhile. I choose having fun with my nephews, specially with my godson.


So I prepared an afternoon full of activities and one of them was cooking ice creams.

“YEEEEEEI” he shouted.

Ice creamMaking ice creams it’s so much fun. The best thing is that kids can make it by themselves. They feel so happy when they can toss, shake or mix the ingredients. And they are happier when they can eat them.

Have fun and make use of the unique hot afternoons remaining with your children. It’s worth it. I promess you.

When you see them eating it you will understand.

So this recipe is dedicated to my nephew, who I love so much and turns me a little girl every time I play with him.


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