I’m currently on vacations and enjoying some free and relaxed time at the beach, after a long and exhausting 2014… I didn’t prepare a full research of a recipe this week, I deserve to rest don’t you think? Instead I am going to share with you my biggest food blog inspiration… NOT WITHOUT SALT.

It was founded a couple years ago by lovely Ashley, from California. Here she shares her passion for all things salted.

“Your kitchen is a place to be creative and productive. Meals are meant to be savored and enjoyed. Good food is simple, fresh, seasonal and delicious. Not Without Salt is a tool for helping you eat well and enjoy the process of cooking and baking real, good food” says Ashley.


The food she makes for her family is simple, classic, and nutritious. Pictures in her blog are as exquisite as the thing she cooks!

Everything started when she was plating intricate desserts at Spago in Beverly Hills, USA. There was a rush in preparing hundred of desserts in one night, in spinning batch after batch of homemade ice cream speckled with thousands of diminutive vanilla seeds, in making cookies and cakes by the dozen – she was hooked; with no plans to leave, as she was on the path to become a pastry chef.


Her plans changed as she find out she was pregnant with her first baby. Moved back to Washington from L.A. and her journey into motherhood began. Now she works from home, her patrons are one husband and three young children “who are rarely as patient and well-mannered as the Beverly Hills elite I served prior to this new gig… Feeding my family is the most satisfying and delightful job of my life”.


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