If you want to have a great party you’ll need to have all of this (PG 18+)

Music + lights
Dance floor
Red cups
Ice , lots and lots of ice

It’s extremely easy to make. Just remember to make them the night before the party.

For 100 shots you need 2 jellies (different flavours), 6 cups of boiling water and 4 cups of vodka or tequila.

First put one of the jelly dust on a deep bowl and add three cups of boiling water. Mix it well, until is dissolved. Then add the spirit and mix it too. Put the hot liquid on your plastic cups and wait for them to cool down. Finally take them to the fridge.

Of course you can read the instructions of the jelly and replace the cold water with any spirit.

Untitled design (1)



Another “fun shot” are the vodka gummy bears.maxresdefault

Leave the gummies soaking on vodka in a glass container, hopefully with a lid over night in the fridge. Next morning you’ll notice that the gummies are twice their size and full with alcohol.








*featured image



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