This recipe is a very easy and practical one. Just cook a cup of dry capellini’s (very thin spaghettis). Strain them and leave them cool down a little bit. Beat 2-3 eggs, add some salt and pepper. Now put the capellini’s or like I know them “Angel’s Hair” into the eggs and mix them all.

In a very hot and not stick pan, add some olive oil and then the mixture all at once (choose a pan that you know 1. Will not stick and 2. The amount of mixture will be an inch thick). Leave about 5-8 minutes at medium heat until you can easily move around the pan the half made tortilla. Now grab a plate of the size of the pan and put it on the top. Put one hand over the plate and the other at the handler of the pan. Turn over very fast and put some more olive oil at the pan. Push the tortilla out of the plate into de pan and leave it cook for 3-5 minutes.

The idea is to have this basic crispy tortilla that you can eat with Bolognese sauce, just olive oil and some salad or with whatever you imagine.

Cheers! And bon appetit!

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