I’m obsessed with the Passion Tea that is sold in Starbucks.

My days would be a living hell if they didn’t start with a fresh and juicy Passion Tea.

Every time I passed outside one of their stores I needed to buy me one. I had one in my hands almost every day.

My money started to disappear… My throat turned rough and my body was yelling me for some tea. I tried to change flavor, but it didn’t satiate me.

Oh my god, I had became a “Passion Teaholic” and my wallet was carrying all the consequences.

I had to do something.

So I went to the supermarket and bought the “same, same but different” ingredients of the Starbucks tea. I changed some things but it was worth it, because my tea turned better than the original one.

Now I drink it all the time, all day long, and I share it with everyone who’s around me. They really love it.

It’s so fresh, sweet and cool, especially for those hot days.

I will share my everyday breakfast drink with you.

Watch the video and go to refresh yourself.


You will need:

– Water

– Passion tea (The real Starbucks tea for this drink is called “Hibiscus Tea” and it is sold in all Starbucks stores, but you can find Passion Tea in every supermarket and it’s tastier than the Hibiscus one)

– 1/2 Lemon Juice

– Ice

– 5 drops of Sweetener


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