Which is worse? Sugar or fat? That’s the question in this BBC documentary that was aired nearly a year ago, now available on Netflix. Just saw it last weekend and thought about sharing it with you. Since we are all food lovers, there are some things we should know and try to avoid, so we can continue delighting ourselves without ending up buying bigger jeans.

This documentary has a very interesting setup. Two identical twin brothers – both of them doctors – go on a diet for a month. One on an extremely high sugar diet, and the other one on an extremely high fat diet.

Sugar fat 2

For the whole world it seems straightforward: we’re all getting fat because we eat too much and don’t exercise enough, right? Amazing results come at the end of the experiment, even though both brothers were at a fairly decent weight to start with, the high-on-fat-diet brother lost 4 kg (9 pounds) vs 1 kg lost (2 pounds) for the high-on-sugar-diet brother; but at the end they both end up loosing weight.

The documentary concludes that it’s not about fat or sugar, it’s about avoiding processed food with both fat and sugar in it. At the same time it shows what happen to your brain and muscles when you don’t eat enough fruits, vegetables and carbs: bad breath, your brain doesn’t respond quickly enough, you get tired easily, among many other consequences.

I won’t bore you with details and tell you everything that’s on this documentary, but give it a try and watch it. It’s fun, very professionally made and not long at all, so you won’t fall asleep.

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