Are you that type of person that is always struggling to use their fruits and veggies before they go out of date?

If so, this is for you.

I have always found so difficult to use my fruits and veggies on time. As it is only the two of us living at home, our food often goes out of date. Usually we use a little amount of the pack on one recipe, pop the rest in the fridge until the next time it’s needed, by which time it’s decomposed and we head to the shop to buy a fresh batch. Now though, we ensure there is no wastage by making delicious juices. This is also great if you don’t like some veggies, to ensure you get all the vital nutrients.


For two servings you will need the following:

1. Any fruit or vegetables that you have or that you think they will go together – I recommend two large fruits and one handful of vegetables.


2. Handful of ice cubes.


You will also need a powerful blender or a mixer (in this case I’ve used a Thermomix).

The amounts are entirely up to you and what you have in your fridge – multiply the recipe as required, depending how many glasses you would like to make.

Place the fruit and veggies in the mixing bowl and blend them until you achieve a juicy texture.


Once you have mixed all the fruits and veggies together, add the ice and crush it to taste.

Finally add the water and give it one last spin to mix everything together. Serve immediately.


This gives a really good morning boost if taken as breakfast, and a great way to add spinach or other ‘super-foods’ to your diet.

Enjoy! And, please add any great tasting combinations you create in the comments below.

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