For us it’s tortilla, for you all english speakers is frittata. It is very simple, tasty and blunt.

The best thing is that you can change the ingredients as many times as you want, just keep the eggs and you’ll be all right.

I’ve never used a recipe for this, I just assume that the amount of ingredients will be ok and then I start cooking.

IMG_0463For example this is an angel hair and parmesan frittata. You have to cook the hair angeles and then on a bowl -after straining the water- mix it with some eggs. You have to beat them quickly or they will cook with the heat of the pasta. Add parmesan in the bowl or in the frying pan if you want it to be more crispy.

Of course add salt and pepper.



Here we have a three stories one. The first one with fried onions and homemade chips. The second with sautéed soy mushrooms and cooked spinach and the las one with green beans and carrots.

This goes with beaten eggs, salt and pepper.

You can also try a three stories with classic potatoes, tuna and cheese.

This type of frittata is perfect with some tomato sauce, but the real one, not ketchup.



My favorite is the classic potato frittata. The secret is hold on not over cooking the eggs, so it is a little bit juicy.

Cut the potatoes in 5mm chips and fried them. Ones they are done, dry the extra oil and mix it with some beaten eggs. Add salt and pepper.

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