I was diagnose with gluten intolerance 3 years ago. I’m not going to talk about what that has been for me because it should be something I rather be writing for the personal blog that I don’t have.
What I can tell you is that because I’m gluten intolerant and a traveler I have the best tips for eating gluten free abroad.

For those who are not familiar with the word GLUTEN is basically a protein that’s contain in wheat, barley and rye. If you want to know more about this protein -or as I call it: my biggest enemy- you can read this: “What is gluten intolerance?”

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Being gluten intolerant in Latin America is really difficult. Gluten free products are hard to find, such as bread, cookies, cereals, cake, etc. I imagine because there isn’t enough consumers to buy the products, which by the way are quite expensive.
There are no laws regarding existence of gluten in nutricional labels for products. The same for restaurant menus. Some products and some restaurants do but in general people just don’t care about it. Except for one country who was in 2009 the first in Latin America in creating a gluten free information law: Argentina.
Every product in supermarkets in Argentina must indicate if it is gluten free or not. Heaven for people like us. Plus they do care about it because you can find a lot of gluten free food. Every time I go to Argentina I treat myself with things I can’t find back home: cookies, pastries, fresh bread, cake, pasta and pizza.

I found out an amazing all gluten free restaurant in the heart of Palermo, in Buenos Aires. Now every time I visit I stop at least once to eat at SINTAXIS.
What I love about this restaurant is not that they have a gluten free separate menu. The whole restaurant is gluten free. Some of the things that have gluten normally so I can’t eat them but I’ve been able to eat here and recommend:

Pastries: In spanish are called empanadas. You will find them across latin america because it’s a typical latin preparation. The

It looks so good! Photo by
It looks so good! Photo by

gluten free dough they use is really tasty and doesn’t feel dry like usually gluten free dough tastes.

Lasagna: Thin layers of gluten free pasta with eggplant, spinach and other vegetables. Home made white and creamy sauce and parmesan cheese on top. Amazing.

Cannelloni: Stuffed with cottage cheese with a creamy tomato sauce on top. As good as the lasagna.

Chicken milanesa: Milanesa is typically argentinean. A chicken breast covered with breadcrumbs and fried. In this case the gluten free breadcrumbs are well seasoned and I’m pretty sure they cook it in the oven, not fried.

I haven’t being there for breakfast or tea time but I’ve seen that they have a pretty tasty sweet things. Every time I go there I get so exited over the food I never leave any room for dessert!

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The restaurant decoration is just beautiful, with a french provenzal look (I’m not sure if that’s the design style that fits but it looks like that to me). The backyard is perfect for a mint ginger lemonade when it’s hot. They also have a shop inside where you can by gluten free bread, cookies, pastries, pasta and cake to take home.

When I went there the first time the restaurant was full and got my attention the amount of gluten intolerant people in there. But the waitress explained to me that a lot of people go there because they choose to have a gluten free diet for -god knows which- reason. All I know is that I miss gluten with all my heart but thanks to places like Sintaxis I can have a taste of my past life.

Sintaxis is located in Nicaragua 4849,  Palermo. The closest subway station is Plaza Italia
Check there website


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