There is nothing I don’t love about this season; sun, pool, beach, waves, journeys, fun, love and friendship.

Summer has everything I love in the world, but the thing is that every time summer is in, I didn’t had time to prepare myself for it, so I look like a baby whale resting in the sand.
Every March I say to myself:

– This year I would be fit.

Every December I look at me and say:

– F/&k… Why do I love to eat so much?

BUT… this year I made a promise to myself and I would like to say I have tried, yes tried to achieve it: Eat healthier in summer for a beach body but without spoiling the fun of eating and the pleasure that summer brings us.

So, I went to a picnic with some friends and I cooked Tacos, but not any tacos.. SUMMER TACOS.

One friend looked at me and asked for the cheddar cheese, the sweets onions, the mayonnaise… My mouth started to salivate by the sound of those delicious ingredients, but I told her that this tacos where the same thing, they had a similar flavor and were healthier, so lets give them a try.

– Endives
– Ground Beef / Chicken/ Turkey
– Cherry Tomatoes
– Avocado
– Sour Cream
– Grated Cheese

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