We’ve talked about some desserts with manjar and how to make your own. So if I tell you that this is a smooth and creamy manjar with chocolate, you’ll understand that is an amazing dessert. Well it is !!

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 9.31.07 amA few months ago, a friend posted on Facebook this recipe and I  kept it. Then I realised that is from a chilean blogger that recently launched a cooking book with some other bloggers and they have my entire respect and admiration, and little jealousy for having the opportunity of my dreams, that I’ll accomplish one day.

For this you can make just one big dessert or use 10 to 12 small bowls. You’ll need

1 creamy evaporated milk can
500 gr manjar
1/2 cup cream
7 gr unflavored gelatin or 2 leaves of sheet gelatin soaks in cold water
Chocolate coating

This time the first thing to do is to leave the evaporated milk on the fridge the night before cooking – foIMG_0546r it to be very cold -. Then use a mixer to help you to double the volume. Add the manjar and mix it until you have a soft mixture. Finally the cream, mix it as well.

On the other hand on a half cup of boiling water add the 7 gr (you can use the 7,5 gr that comes in the boxes) of gelatin or squeeze the two sheets that are soaked and add them to the hot water. Stir until it’s solved.

Add the solved gelatin to the manjar mixture. Separate them on what you will serve them and take them to the fridge at list for one hour.

Melt the chocolate on top of a double boiler. Be careful that the water never touches the chocolate or the bowl that is holding it, it will make it unusable or will burn it. Cover the top por you manjar dessert, just a thin layer, and then take them back to the fridge for 10 mins then serve.IMG_0548


If you want the recipe in spanish go to en mi cocina hoy 




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