Britain’s favourite dish…? If you are thinking of fish & chips you’re close, but not quite there.

You may be surprised when I tell you the answer… it’s Chicken Tikka Masala!

I hope you don’t bite my head off – it’s my first attempt at writing a blog – but this is British cuisine through foreign eyes.

My name is Catalina. Originally from Chile, I recently moved to London with my British husband and am taking the opportunity of living in this beautiful melting pot of culture and cuisine to write a foodie blog. Where better to start than the taste sensation that is Indian curry.

It was my husband who introduced me to Indian cuisine. Now you could be forgiven for thinking that this was in England but, as a matter of fact, you couldn’t be more wrong. We were travelling through Vietnam when he found out that I hadn’t tried Indian cooking before (reacting to this almost as if it was disrespectful) and so he took us – me and my friends – to an Indian restaurant. Chicken Tikka Masala – it was just the most delicious dish I had ever tried in my life.

Arriving in the UK for the first time after my Asian experience, some British friends of mine invited me and my friends out for dinner in London. Guess where? An Indian restaurant, of course,  Aladin  in Shoreditch. They wanted to show me ‘a true English experience’. What can I say, it felt like we where somewhere else and again I had my beloved Chicken Tikka Masala. One piece of advice, if you go there, you have to bargain down the prices.

If you fancy nibbling first don’t forget to order poppadoms with mango chutney, lime pickle and mint raita.

I could carry on describing all of my experiences, and believe me, here in the UK you can’t miss out on experiencing an Indian Restaurant, Indian take aways or simply an Indian meal box from a supermarket.

Maybe some of you will disagree with me, but deep inside, you know you love it too; and if you haven’t tried it you must, you can’t go wrong.




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