I’ve been to Miami a lot of times. Like many woman do every year looking for what I like to call “the triangle of female happiness”: BEACH – SHOPPING – COCKTAILS.

When you go to Miami Beach for the first time you will feel confused with all the restaurants down Ocean Drive or Lincoln Road, because they all pretty much offer the same: gigantic cocktails with Corona beers upside down, fresh shrimps cocktails, expensive lobster and 9,99 USD menus.

I’ll do you a favor and tell you now where you have to go, so you don’t waste your time walking around:

Get your ass down to Ocean Drive and walk pass 11th Street. Before the next block you will see the best restaurant in Miami: CLEVELANDER. Do I need you to convince you? I thought so. Check this 4 reasons:

Photo by Tomas Loewy Visuals http://coolpoolmedia.zenfolio.com
Photo by Tomas Loewy Visuals http://coolpoolmedia.zenfolio.com


Clevelander is an open restaurant with a POOL in the middle. A pool with a BAR. a bar with a DJ. And it’s better than the one on your hotel because it’s actually full of young beautiful people. Specially in Spring Break or if a Miami team is playing on TV.
Because I rather spend money in clothes than a luxury hotel in Miami I usually stay in a small budget hotel and spend the day in the beach and here. Never like the idea of going on a vacation and not leaving the hotel. If that’s also your travel syle you should definitely jump in Cleveander’s pool for a change.


Photo by Jessica Webster http://www.annarbor.com/
Photo by Jessica Webster http://www.annarbor.com/

BLT stands for Bacon-Lettuce-Tomate and it’s a typical american sandwich. It’s usually eaten at brunch (what americans call an early lunch). I’ve had a lot of BLTs years ago in New York as I made it my sunday lunch while spending a couple of months over there. Clevelander’s BLT has been the best I’ve tried so far from different cities in the US. Fresh vegetables, bread perfectly toasted and bacon cooked at the exact point of being crunchy but not dry.


I hate when I ask for a cocktail and there’s too much alcohol you feel like vomiting after the first zip, or when there’s hardly any alcohol so it taste like juice; or just because it costs 15 UDS I expect a bucket size drink and I get a tiny glass it looks like a tequila shot. Well non of this had ever happened to me at Clevelander because what I’ve asked I had, at reasonable price and with the perfect taste. I even have asked for a customize drink and they make it happen. Imposible not to love those hot bartenders!


Me and my friend Malin from Sweden in Clevelander 2010
Me and my friend Malin from Sweden in Clevelander 2010

Clevelander is located in the middle of Ocean Drive, the most popular street in South Beach and actually in front of the beach. It’s one block from Collins Avenue and 4 or 5 blocks from Lincoln Road (both THE shopping streets of Miami beach). Just next to singer Gloria Estefan’s club Mango’s and Gianni Versace’s mansion where he was killed in 1997.

You don’t need a map or an expensive taxi. It’s just THERE in the middle of the best of Miami Beach.

Writing this post got me really thirsty so I’ll go to the bar now for some cocktails. Cheers!

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