When we cooked panqueques we talked about manjar, but you can’t find manjar everywhere, so we have to teach you how to do it.

There are two forms (that I know) to make this amazing thing.

The first, that I’ve never done before, is to put on a saucepan 2 lts of milk on low heat until it’s warm. Then add on a continuous but small amount of 3 cups of sugar and one teaspoon of baking soda. It is important to keep on with the low heat. After 30-40 minutos of non stop stirring, the mixture will turne golden/brown, but you have to keep on stirring until you see the bottom of the saucepan and you have the colour of the featured image if you have never ate it. Just be careful with the over cooked, because it will change the taste.

Just wait a minute… I was thinking in all those persons that are allergic to diary. Well you can try the same recipe with lactose free milk or with soy or almond milk. I’m not sure that with the last two it will be the same, but with the lactose free it shouldn’t be that different. I promise, that my first manjar from milk will be for all the diary free people.

Thanks for giving me that moment…

IMG_0552 IMG_0553IMG_0392







The second one, and the one that we’ve tried is the one from a condensed milk. The first thing that we have to do is buy as many cans as you want, but for the sake of using a biking in the summer, don’t buy more than three (that’s also what you can put on the saucepan). Second take out the label and if it has a good recipe, keep it or just throw it away. Shake them well (like Taylor Swift in her song). Then on a medium saucepan put your can lying down and cover them with cold water (leave 1 cm without water).  Used medium heat and when the water is boiling star counting 2-3 hours (we waited 3). Depending on how much time you leave it, the texture you’ll have (more time = thicker // less time = sauce style). Every half an hour move the cans and poor some water if it’s needed. Once the time is up take them from the hot water and wait until they are cold, if you open them hot is probably they’ll explote, so just be very careful.

Whether you choose the first or second option you’ll have to wait more than two hours to try this elixir. I’m not eating chocolate, so this is my new addiction.









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