Last year I spent 2 weeks in Thailand. The only thing I ate in that trip was pad thai: a traditional thai dish that consists mainly in rice noodles with vegetables.

I think I ate at least 50 times pad thai. I just couldn’t get enough of it. Everywhere you go in Thailand there’s pad thai: Any restaurant, any street, any market.
My favorite place to have this famous food was from a food truck in Samsen Road, close to Kaosan Road, the most popular street in Bangkok. For only 120 or 150 bats (I don’t remember very well) you can have an egg or chicken pad thai freshly made at the moment by this cute old thai woman that was always shouting “pad thai chickeeeeeen, pad thai chickeeeeeen”.

Looking at her food truck and how fast she prepared every pad thai for her costumers, made me realize how easy was to make it. I cooked pad thai back home before from recipes I got from random websites, but those where too elaborated, they had too many ingredients and a lot of them hard to get at my local grocery store.

I looked carefully at this woman’s ingredients and the way she cooked a real pad thai. Se was very sweet and tought me how to make it. That’s how I created this simple recipe to share with you. Don’t waste your time looking for fancy/professional recipes anymore. This is as real thai as it can get.

Step by Step 

What I like about this recipe is that there are not exactly amount of each ingredient. Just put as much as you like.


– 1 package of flat rice noodles
– Green onions
– Bean sprouts
– 2-3 eggs
– Chicken / Shrimps / Pork / Tofu
– Oyster or fish sauce
– 1 tablespoon of ketchup
– Vegetable, peanut or sesame oil
– Peanuts
– Sesame seeds
– Sesame seed oil (optional).

If you’re making chicken, pork or tofu pad thai first cut the meat in small squares. Use a wok or a big pan and fry them in vegetable or peanut oil. If you have sesame seed oil put half of this oil and half of the regular one. Don’t use only sesame seed oil because it’s taste is too strong. Cook the meat until is lightly brown. Reserve.

If you’re doing shrimp pad thai cook the shrimps separately if they’re fresh but usually frozen shrimps are already cooked. Just warm them up in hot water.

In a separate pot cook the rice noodles as package instructions. Take them out 2 minutes before the expected time of cooking.

Whip 2-3 eggs and cook them in a pan like making a regular omelette. When it’s ready cut it in small squares.

In the same oil you cooked the meat stir fry the green onions for a couple of minutes. Then add ketchup and the oyster sauce. This sauce has a light flavor so don’t be scare of putting a good amount of it.
If you want your pad thai to be spicy add some sriracha sauce or any chili sauce you want.

Now it’s time to build up the pad thai. In the wok or big pan put everything together: The meat, green onions, omelette cut in squares, the bean sprouts and the noodles. Mix all ingredients for 2-3 minutes.

Serve in bowls with some crushed peanuts and sesame seeds on the top.

How easier can it get? Enjoy!


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