I know I am designer but I think that we would all agree that a fun part of cooking is the accessories that accompanies it. Adding colour to your kitchen is now easier than you think. I’ve noticed that many stores that cover our wardrobes are now taking part in our kitchens and tables. Isn’t it great? With affordable prices you can now add a little luxe touch to your place.

Everyday in my walk home back from University I’ve been looking at some of this stores. I’ve made up a little selection for you. I am sure there are more fashion brands that have a “Home-Decor” section, these are just the ones I have around the corner. Aprons, mitts, towels, glasses… and plenty more fun stuff!

Most of them ship worldwide, meaning you can order items anywhere you are. Hope you enjoy it! and if you have more tips of places that will help us to add colour to our kitchens please share it here.



They have interesting partnerships with artist and artisans, so most of their products have a “home made” accent. My favourite finds were a vintage-inspired bakeware, the aprons (too pretty to be kept hidden away, I would use them every day) and some hand painted cups and bowls.



It was created in 2003 and specialises in the latest designs for the home. You can find tableware, dishware, cutlery, glassware and home accessories. A great thing is that they are constantly refreshing their product range through the months, kind the same as cloth. You can find a complete matching set (table linen, dishes, glasses, napkins..) My favourite ones where the ones of the picture above.



Established in London back in 1993 this is the kind of store you love or you hate; there’s no in between. Not quite my style, but I must keep an objetive view, so that’s why I’m including it… after all it does have quite a big range of kitchen supplies. One thing that kept my attention were the aprons: big and cover-everything type, with long straps so you can easily tie them on the front or back.

  • H&M HOME


The less expensive from the list (I’ve been taught here in England that you never say cheap… instead you use synonyms such as less-expensive, inexpensive, affordable, etc – British idiosyncrasy). You can find beautiful designs but not good quality at all. Like their clothes it’s for a short season.


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