It’s a warm summer day and you’re at the pool getting an amazing tan with your best friends. You’re listening to a “hits of summer 2015” playlist in Spotify and gossiping around. Finally your winter diet is over and you can show your build up body in that new Victoria’s Secret bikini you ordered online. LIFE IS GOOD you think.

Can it get any better? Of course it can, because your special guest hasn’t arrive yet: cocktails.

I’m a huge cocktail fan. At the pool, at the beach, at the happy hour, at a picnic, you name it. But I’m not talking about that blue cocktail with a stupid name and a tiny umbrella that’s usually made out of cheap rum or vodka. Those drinks are complicated to make, will get you drunk too early and after a couple of hours of day-drinking you will feel sick. That’s why my cocktails are easy to make and do not involve spirits, so we can drink and tan till the sun goes down without loosing our dignity (hopefully).

sparkling wineCLERI

I don’t know where does the word Cleri comes from but there are different drinks based on wine and fruits that are called Cleri in South America. This is my cool version of it:


– 1 1/2 liters of cheap white wine.
– Sugar or sweetener
– 250-300 grs of peaches
– 250-300 grs of strawberries
– Ice

**You not always can get this two fruits fresh, so what you can do is buy one of them fresh and the other in a can. Not both of them in a can otherwise it will taste too fake and sweet.

Wash the fruit from the can to take the sugar that comes with it. Cut the fruit in pieces that will be easy to mix in the blender.

Make two batches of equally amount of fruits. We will make this drink in two batches otherwise you will not have room for everything in the blender.

Put each batch of fruits in the blender with half of the wine and 3 tablespoons of sugar/sweetener and a couple of ice cubes. Taste and add more sugar if you want it sweeter.

Repeat the same with the other half of the ingredients. While you’re serving one jar leave the other one in the fridge. You can put it in a plastic bottle and take it to the beach or a picnic since is ready to serve and you can keep it in a cooler.

tinto de verano
This is my home made tinto de verano and some appetizers that we made in a hostel in Lisbon


I tried this drink for the first time in Madrid and now I’m a huge fan of it since is so easy and cheap to make. After spending two months in Spain I went to Portugal and I missed it so much I just bought the ingredients in a supermarket and mixed them in a bucket in the hostel in Lisbon.

It’s similar to Sangría, the typical cold red wine from Spain, but easier to make. What I like about this drink is that I’ve never liked red wine and this is the only way I can actually drink it.


– 1 liter of cheap and cold red wine
– 300ml of any lemon flavor soda: Fanta Lemon, Lemon soda, Lemon Schepps, Paso de los Toros, Quatro, whatever you can find in your country.
– 2 lemons
– Ice

Use a jar, a bucket, a pot, a cooler, it doesn’t matter! Mix 1 liter of red wine with 300ml of the lemon soda. Cut the lemons in slides and put them into the mix. Add the ice cubes in case is not cold enough. If you’re going to keep it in the fridge, add an ice cube to the glass when serving it.


If you’re a brunch lover of course you know mimosas. Or if you ever watched Sex and the City. Or if you know me, biggest mimosa lover ever.

What I love about mimosas is that I don’t feel guilty of having sparkling wine at noon because It’s so refreshing I forget I’m day-drinking.

It’s important to know that for a good mimosa you have to make it the moment you’re going to drink it, otherwise it looses its quality.


– 1 bottle of sparkling wine (hopefully Brut)
– 1 box of fresh orange juice or if you feel really motivated, real oranges.
*Both as cold as you can

It’s important the juice you choose. Processed juices like Tropicana will totally ruin your drink. Look for the ones that are only made with orange and water. No sugar, no preservatives. The fresher the better.

For each glass add 3/4 of sparkling wine and 1/4 of orange juice into a cocktail mixter. Mix it gently or you’ll loose the bubbles. Just two shakes and serve. If the sparkling wine or the juice are not that cold you can cheat and add a cube of ice.

Isn’t summer the best or what?

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