I’m a complete fan of the French Cuisine, from there I take a lot of roots to create new dishes, but always it’s nice to add some twists with local products and culture. A flavor that I’ve always loved is the chicken-red sweet pepper mix.

So in this occasion we will do a typically French dish call quiche (derived from the German Küeche, that means cake) but lighter and with the tastiness of the red sweet pepper, chicken, some green onions and carrots.

First, we need to make the pastry dough and for that I usually use a measure that my sister once gave me, for 1 unit of butter we put 2 of flour (in this case 125 grs of butter with 250 grs of flour). If you have a food processor I recommend to use it. You will need to mix the flour and butter into a texture of sand. If you don’t have the food processor you will need to cut very cold butter into small pieces, and then slowly, knead with your fingers the flour and butter until you get that sand texture. Finally I usually put some herbs like rosemary or sage into the dough, a little bit of crushed black pepper and then we blend all together with some water until you get that buttery “silky smooth” dough.

Now you stretch the dough over the quiche pan that you want use, puncture it a little bit and put it into the oven until it’s firm and a little brown, now you take it out. You’ll need to have the oven temperature at medium high so your dough doesn’t melt when you put it in there.

  • For those who doesn’t have the time, or just don’t like to make dough, the supermarkets sells one already done, but I swear that it’s way better to make it on your own.

When you put the dough into the oven, you have around 10 minutes until it’s done, so start making the filling. Let’s cut our chicken breasts, green onion, carrots and of course the Red Sweet Pepper into strips. Put some olive oil in a frying pan and heat it up. First saute the chicken, until is golden, then put the green onion, red pepper and carrot into the pan and stir time to time until is nicely cook, add some salt, pepper and a squirt of water. Usually you should have this done by the time you take out the pastry from the oven.

So now, in a large bowl break 2 whole eggs plus a yolk, whisk up for a minute, pour into them 2 natural yogurt (2 cups) stir well and incorporate the chicken and veggies into the mix. When the filling is all together put it over our pastry and cook it in the oven at medium temperature around 20-30 minutes until it’s curdled and roasted.



That’s all, just seat at the table with family or friends and enjoy it with some green leaves like lettuces, endives or rocket salad and of course, a good glass of wine.

Cheers and Bon Appétit!!

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