This is my research week in University, which ends up in me spending most of my free time in libraries and book stores. So I thought, why not make my next post about this. It’s an interesting topic and if you like cooking you’ll probably enjoy having some teachers along the way. Hope you like this small selection of books I’ve made. Specially now that Christmas is coming in a few months, could be a great present for someone. Who knows… and if you are planning on buying some I would recommend using – great place to shop books, free shipping worldwide.

Hope you like my reviews!


love bake nourish

“Women feel such guilt when it comes to cakes and treats, which is a shame, because sharing lovely food is one of life’s greatest pleasures”- A.Rose

Amber Rose is probably Britain’s more glamorous baker. I must warn you that going through the pages of this book is really mouth-watering. She is a single mom of a 7 year old and this is her first publication.

We’ve all heard of the negative effects of processed sugars and gluten, but now we can have our cake and eat it too, thanks to this book of healthier cakes, bakes and puddings. Yes – what you’ve just read is true! And posible! Indulgent cakes and puddings are always good for your soul, but this time they’re good for your waistline too. *Try her flour-free chocolate and beetroot cake or lavender and honey teacake


ferran adria

I bought this book last Christmas for my mother which later became her scared kitchen bible. A must-have in every house must say. If you have a friend who’s getting married this is truly a great choice to give as a present. This is like cooking-for-dummies, but written by the greatest chef ever.

The Family Meal collect recipes inspired by the dishes eaten by the staff of Ferran’s restaurant, elBulli. Every day at 6pm, Ferran’s team stopped what they were doing to sit down and eat a three-course dinner together – this is known as the ‘family meal’.

Has more than 90 meals, and the great thing is that it provides the quantities of ingredients needed for servings of 2, 6, 20 and 75 people. This book is a great way to pick up new ideas whether you are cooking at home or in a restaurant. The other great feature is that is has a step by step story-board with pictures of everything. So you’ll never be confused.

You can find from the most basic things, such as how to make a sofrito or pesto sauce, to pasta, puddings, pies, among others. It is a gem! Must have! Sorry if I insist too much, but what and amazing book!


paris kitchen

“Forget about sophisticated laborious French cooking”

Rachel Khoo is an English designer from Saint Martins who quit her job in fashion and took a three months course at Le Cordon Blue, in Paris. After her experience she started working in the cooking field, an now, six years later, she still lives and works there, never came back.

This is her third book, a friendly and simple collection of classic french recipes. Easy to follow and fun to make at home. It has beautiful pictures of plates and also french markets around the country (good to know if you are travelling around).


plenty more

Healthy food had never look so delicious! – I must say that this book is, in every bookstore I’ve seen in London, placed in the “best sellers” section. Probably the only cooking book here.

Yotam Ottolenghi is an Israeli cooker, writer and chef. He was born in Jerusalem where he studied Literature. In 1997 he moved to the UK planning to study a PhD but ended up at London Cordon Bleu taking a six months course. He never left and is now a british citizen. Four years ago he published “Plenty”, a book about how exiting vegetarian cooking could be. Huge success that encouraged him to publish this year “Plenty More”

It is a magnificent book! Probably the “prettiest” one from this list. Pictures, design and layout is first class. In a sense Plenty More is a diary of his last four years.The recipes are mostly ones that have been published in The Guardian, but others have never been covered before. All the recipes are pretty easy, even for someone who cooks relatively basic things. Mainly salads, bakes, stews and cakes, spreads, pies and pikelets.



The art of eating well

Melissa and Jasmine are the sisters behind this book which provides nutritious home-cooked food, famously acclaimed by celebrities all over the world. They began contributing in Vogue magazine and launched this book four months ago. It will help anyone who wishes to feel better, lose weight or have more energy.

Includes over 150 recipes – all of which are free from grain, gluten, refined sugar, high starch and are alkaline friendly. It will definitely motivate you to try new foods and no longer crave sugar and processed foods. It includes advice on ingredients, techniques, cooking equipment and meal plans. Of course it is beautifully photographed and designed, as most of the books reviewed in this post.


claudia roden

Claudia Roden is a 78 years old Egyptian chef, writer and anthropologist. She has also been a food writer and a cooking show presenter on the BBC. Her grandmother was spanish, from Seville,  and this was what encouraged her to go though the spanish cousine. It took her five years to accomplish her mission.

The result is a passionate cookbook which takes you though different regions and looks at history, people and culture at the heart of this country; and the delicious food and recipes passed down through generations. From simple tapas and delicately soups, to elaborate dishes served on silver platters and cakes and desserts each with a story to tell, this is the book about Spain to learn from and to cook from.



Chick Pea – So Good – Square Meal

Chick Pea: it started as a blog in 2010 (hipsterfood) and after a great success it turned into a magazine. The content is 100% vegan. It has 4 issues every year, one for each season (Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring). They have printed and online publications, so you can order it on either way. Beautiful pictures, the art direction is exquisite! One of the best I’ve seen actually.

So Good: just looking at the cover of this magazine will get you the feeling of a luxury pastry book. And kind of is. An english biannual publication magazine by a team of professionals united by the passion for good pastry in all its forms and varieties. Goes through the topics of: sweets, pastry, chocolate, ice creams and desserts in general. Though it’s not any kind of sweets, it a really sophisticated one. Every picture looks as an art masterpiece.

Square Meal: has been running for more than 22 years. It is an independent restaurant reviewer with more than 5.000 articles. It has print, mobile and online platform. Great tips if you are travelling around and want to try something new.

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