The real name for this is “brown sugar cupcakes pavlovas” and is a recipe from Donna Hay. But as usual I changed some things; didn’t have the same ingredients, and they really look like christmas dwarfs, don’t they?


For this lovely all year round dessert, we need

4 eggs whites
175 icing sugar and some more for dusting
2 tablespoons cornflour
2 teaspoons lemon juice
Thickened cream
Cupcake oven pan & paper cups
Something to drink while you’re cooking

You know what to do first right? .. YES! Well done! Pre heat the oven. This time is 150’C. Second, we need a ultra dry bowl and mixer for the egg whites. Mix them until you’ve got soft peaks.

If you didn’t notice, those steps are the same the mini pavlovas. Actually the recipes are very similar.

So, let’s fasten things up.

Ones you’ve got a beautiful meringue, you put one or two soupspoons on each paper cup – that are already on the oven pan. Just be careful in not moving it to much, or the meringue will not grow.
Then lower the over to 120’C and bake for one hour. Passed that hour, turn it off and let them cool inside. Remember to NEVER open the oven. It’s better to leave them over night, otherwise they will break ones you open/cut them.

Now that is a new day, or you have waited enough, try to cut them in half. If it is to difficult, use the ones that are not big enough as a base (or first layer) and the ones that are prettier as the top ones (BTW that’s what I did). Leave them aside and whip the cream with the mixer.
Don’t forget the berries!

So we have the cupcakes in half – or have decided which ones we are using – the thickened cream thicker and the berries ready to be used. Put the amount that you want on the base cupcake and add some berries. You can use one type, two, three or really what you want inside. Then close it with top part.

For the presentation, you can put them all together in one big platter and put some berries in between to make it look nicer. If you have some extra strawberries with leaves, leave them that way, to give you presentation more colour. Finally use a strainer for the icing sugar to dust all over your beautiful dwarfs.

Just a little advise. Never make this recipe the same day you’re serving it, you’ll never know how many good cupcakes you’ll have.




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