This is one of the easiest new recipes I’ve ever done. The only “bad” thing is that you need to have a lot of time and a watch.

We needIMG_0418

159 g caster sugar

585 ml water

300 g fruits of your choice

Sauce pan

Metal tin for the freezer

Wooden spoon



This was also a recipe of Donna Hay, but I change it a little bit.

First, you have to put the water and sugar on a saucepan over low heat until the sugar is dissolved, stirring now and then. Add the fruit for 3-4 minutes with the same low heat.

What happened to me here, was that the pomegranate lost all their color so i had to take them off one by one.. Good for me haha

Now, going back to the recipe… After you turn of the fire, put your mixture in the metal tin and wait until is a little colder and then take it to the freezer. After one hour, if you don’t like what you have – I didn’t like what I had – put all the mixture on a bowl and mix them until the raspberries were dissolved and the colour is beautiful.
Then back to the freezer for another hour and after that, with a fork break all you mix, to stop the crystal of the water getting hard. Ones you’ve broken all the tin, back to the freezer, and continue doing this until you get an amazing granita or you get bored.

For the presentation, you can use those white spoons (the one that has the pomegranate seed) to put the sorbet on or clean the pomegranate skin and fill it up with it the sorbet, put some berries next to it and dust some icing sugar to make it look fancy.

Well the presentation its up to you. If you google granita or sorbet you’ll find some beautiful and easy/difficult ways to do it. Just use your imagination.



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