Hey everyone! My name is Juan and I’m a Chilean amateur cook. I love the cooking and everything that this magnificent art generates around it. I am a Master in Management by training, and in general I’m a person that quantifies things, but in the kitchen I allow myself to develop my artistic side and unworried me from the rules and norms of the day a day activities. I have an Instagram account (@the_yohnny) where I have been posting recipes and tips for a while, so my dear @inarock invited me to share a little bit of this passion on her blog.

By the Oxford dictionary, gastronomy is “the practice or art of choosing, cooking and eating good food”, sadly I’ve never studied gastronomy, so I cannot really consider myself an expert in this art, but I do have a lot of experience and above all, I love to know the history and origins of things, so generally I will support my recipes with experience, knowledge and tips that I have learned on the ride. So I hope that you will like my way of cooking; rustic, homey and with style.

I want you to know that I consider the cuisine a place of relaxation, a place where we can mix flavours, colours and textures to show what we feel. I think that cooking for others, watch the smile on their faces, the delight and happiness around the table when the people is finished, is without a doubt one of the good experience in life. I truly believe that the way of cook can express a lot from a person and I also trust that the indicated plate can fix or suggest whatever we want.

In the world exist many cultures, regions and ingredients that identified the people and obviously their food. In the next posts we will going to dig this different styles, welcoming and twisted them into a homey, closer and comfortable food. But today I would like to leave you with this iconography that I found and loved, in which with 3 spices or condiments we can define 36 of the most important cuisines around the world.


This was my first collaboration in the blog of my dear Ina, where I wanted to get to know each other a little bit and invite you to share with your friends CHAKULA, a blog that will give a lot to talk about!

Bon Appétit and keep enjoying life!



*featured image from http://cilantroperonotanto.wordpress.com


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