After spending two hours in the supermarket I decided to cook something that I’ve never cooked before. It’s a good thing been in another country, because you can find a lot of vegetables and fruits that you won’t normally find in this time of the year or because you don’t have them.

IMG_0404That was what I thought about the rhubarb, “fruit that you can only find in the UK or here”, but I was wrong. Now I know that Chile has it and that was brought by the English people and is cultivate in the south of the country. The bad thing is that is a very short season, so we have to cook jam or chutney to can prolong our time whit it.

Well now we are on September and there are tons of rhubarb in the markets, and I always wonder about the taste, because Jamie Oliver had used it several times.

Of course I’ve eaten apple crumble, and a lot of different types of crumbles, but non of them with rhubarb and strawberries; so lets give it a try.


100 g cold butter
100 g flourIMG_0415
100 g almond meal (I didn’t have almond meal so I used oat flakes)
50 g caster sugar
bit of salt

For the inside we need

3 rhubarb sticks
500 g strawberries
85 g caster sugar
3 tablespoons cornflour

As always we need to pre heat the oven to 200’C. Then we need to cut the butter in small squares and mix it with the crumble ingredients until it’s crumble. After keep aside. Third we need to cut and peel -if it’s necessary- the rhubarb (think it’s a celery) and the strawberries, IMG_0462mix it with the sugar and the cornflour.

That’s pretty much it. Now we need to put everything in a pan or in four small bowls that fits the oven.

Guessing that you will use four bowls, like I did, you need to separate the fruits and syrup in equal amounts and then add the crumble.

Ones you have done that, take it to the oven for 25 minutes.

You can serve it warm or cold. Also you can add some thick cream on top.

Just be careful with the cooking. If it is not cooked enough the crumble will taste like flour and the syrup like cornflour, and even that taste is difficult to camouflage with cream.


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