After many failure tries, I did just one good mini pavlova. You’ll wonder why one, and it’s because I used the left over of the cupcakes pavlovas and I handle to make one.

Well that’s not really important. What is, is the pavlova history. In some few words, pavlova is a sort of cake of two layers of meringue with thickened cream and fruits named after Anna Pavlova, a famous Russian ballet dancer: and its origin may be Australian or New Zealand, no one is quite sure.

We are using the same ingredients for three different recipes, so if you want to do pavlovas, you can have a great variety of presentations.

If you want the mini size, just draw some circles on the cooking paper and then put a layer above it of one cm and then try to make some walls to make it look like a bowl or just live it like a disk. If you want the cake size make two disk of 15-18 cm each, or one of 18 with walls.

Now some type for a great meringue:IMG_0440
– NEVER open the oven. Trust me, been there, done that
– Cook and let it cool in the oven. Still, DO NOT open it
– If it is a electric oven use the ventilator mode
– If it is a gas one, use a wooden spoon to make a little space between the door and the oven. In this case you have “open the oven” but don’t open it more, and live it like this until its cold
– You mixer and your bowl MUST be extra dry or the meringue won’t grow
– Use one hand on the mixer and never change it. If you star with the right, finish with it
– Never stop the mixer until you’r done, use help from others if you can’t add the ingredients yourself, or be mega multitasking and use you other hand
– If you know some more, comment below, for all us to know

After saying all this, we need
4 egg whites
1 cup icing sugar
2 teaspoons white vinegar
2 tablespoons cornflour

As usual, pre heat the oven to 150’C
Put you four egg whites in you super dry bowl and star mixing on a low strength until soft pics come up, then add the sugar, gradually, like snowflakes.
After you have a shine and soft mix, add the cornflour and the lemon. Again, gradually.
Place the meringue in the shape that you want and take it to the oven. Lower the temperature to 120’C and cook for and hour.
Passed that time, turn it off and let the pavlovas cool in side of it, for 3-4 hours. Remember no to open it.

Meanwhile you can wash what you used, take a shower and watch a movie. Just saw When Harry met Sally, a classic. But if you are more into the new movies, Godzilla, sucks. Pardon my french.

Now that the three hours had passed, we need to make some good stuff.
We needIMG_0443
Thickened cream
Passion fruit
Icing sugar to decorate

Mix the thickened cream until is thicker, be careful in not turn it into whipped cream. Then put it on top of you pavlova/disk and add fruits or the other disk and cream again and then the fruits.
Use a strainer to spray some icing sugar on top of you fresh fruit and ENJOY!

Now that you have made you first Australian/New Zealand dessert, drink a green tea to lower you sugar!



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