IMG_0390Eating breakfast sometimes can be very boring.

On the weeks we don’t have time to prepare something good, so we stick to the coffee and maybe bread, cereal or fruit. Well I think that just because we don’t have time on the weeks it doesn’t mean we can’t cook an amazing and easy breakfast con the weekends.

CG, a chilean friend, upload a picture of her and her husband breakfast that was amazing, so I ask for the recipe and it was incredibly easy to cook .

So you just need ham, eggs, butter, bread and a little of olive oil.

Because you’ve already cook the muffins, you have the 12 hole muffin pan, and if you don’t, try to find something similar that fits the oven.

First you need to pre heat the oven to 180’CIMG_0386

Second you to put some drops of oil into de muffin pan and spread all over it, just to be sure that the ham wont stick into it. Repeat this process in how many hole you want.

Then put a slice of ham in each hole. I recommend to be one per person, but if you want more, please, be my guest.

After the ham comes the eggs. So try to fill the ham “bed” with one egg and then use salt and pepper and/or any condiment you want.

Now you are ready to put your pan in the oven. This should take 15 to 20 minutes, but it depends on the oven you how do you want your eggs.

MeanwIMG_0416hile toast some bread and cut the butter with a cookie cutter, to give it some great shape. If you don’t want to, don’t do it, it’s just to add more fun to you cooking time.

When the eggs are ready, turn of the oven and take out the pan. Please use gloves and not burn yourself. Very carefully take the ham and egg from the pan and display it on a plate with the toasts and butter.

For drinking I recommend orange juice o a green tea. Of course you can have what you want. Although a Bloody Mary would be nice if you are hangover.

Remember to clean after you cook.









Para hacer huevos con jamón al horno, necesitamos






Fuente para hacer cupcakes o pocillos recistentes al horno

Primero que todo, hay que prender el horno a 180’C.  Después poner un poco de aceite en los hoyitos de la fuente que se van a usar. Esto es solo para que el jamón no se pegue. Esparcir y sacar el exceso con una pedazo de toalla nova.

Tercero poner un jamón, o más de uno si es muy chico, hasta crear una especie de cama.

Poner un huevo por hoyo y salpimentar a gusto.

Llevar al horno por 15-20 minutos. Hay que tener cuidado en que no se sobre cocine el huevo.

Tostar pan y ponerle un poco de mantequilla para acompañar.








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