For all my non spanish readers “panqueques con manjar” will be “pancakes with caramel” if you use Google translator, but that’s not the real meaning, well not for me anyway.

First of all, there’s a difference between pancake, crepes and panqueques. You can use the same mixtures, but all is in the thickness and size of what you are cooking, and that will give us what we are looking for. For example, pancakes are small and thick, crepes are bigger and very thin. So that leave us to a medium size and thickness to have very good panqueque; and manjar is a spanish word that doesn’t have translation, it’s a mixtures of milk and sugar that has to be cooked until it gets to the brown characteristic colour. For the caramel we use water instead of milk, and probably not the same amounts.

Now that we have cleared all doubts about the meaning of what we are going to cook we need to actually start.

All we need isIMG_0394

1 cup of flour

1 cup of milk

2 eggs


1 teaspoon of oil

Teflon pan

Big soup spoon

Manjar or jam to fill (you can buy manjar or dulce de leche in supermarkets, look in internet or wait until next week for a CHAKULA recipe)

We beat the eggs before adding the milk and then we combine with the flour. Finally we add the oil and a little bit of salt. As simple as that!

When the mixture is done, we need to put one big spoon on the frying pan that’s already hot and wait for two minutes or until the side that is facing the pan its cooked and not sticked to the pan. Then you have to turn it to the other side. You can use the same pan (as shown in the video), a spatula or with a plate. Is funny to use just the pan, but be careful because it may fall down or if you do it with to much strength it may stay on the roof.

You can use this “pancakes” for savoury or sweet recipes, like for a vegetarian cake with corn, carrot, lettuce, etc. with manjar, jam, Nutella, fruits or whatever you want to try it with.

Cooking it’s about using you imagination and not been afraid of making mistakes.







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