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Reading a cook book is VERY boring. I buy most of them for the pictures that they have.

That’s why reading CHAKULA is so COOL. We  have good recipes, restaurants to recommend and -not amazing- good photos.

Two weeks ago, I saw my new best friend “Good Without Gluten” on a souvenir store. Don’t ask why I came in to that store, but I did. I’m not a 100% gluten free person, but I should definitely start. Also there is a big niche that is not very exploited, and the food that the supermarkets sell is not the best.

So why not cook your own gluten free meal? Cooking is way better than buying prepare food; well maybe not all food, but most.

My first choice was the mushroom risotto. Its suppose to be for two people, but I’ve been eating for four days, so you can have this for 3-4. It will take about 40 to 60 minutes to prepare, cook, pre clean (wash everything after eating) and serve.

All we need to use
All we need to use


1 tablespoon olive oil + tablespoon

2 french shallots, finely chopped + knife and cutting board

100 gr mushrooms (mixed shiitake, morels, shimeji, or other mushroom of your choice // give them a wash)

200 gr rice (arborio or carnaroli) + 1 cup or 1 measuring bowl

60 ml dry white wine + 1 measuring bowl

500 ml hot chicken stock + 1 measuring bowl

40 gr vegetable margarine + 1 measuring spoon

60 ml soy milk + 1 measuring bowl

50 gr parmesan cheese, grated (can be the amount you want)

30 gr rocket (can be the amount you want)

Frying pan + wooden spoon

The main idea is to respect the type of the ingredients (the amount may vary), because we are cooking a gluten free meal, and I really don’t know what have or don’t gluten, unless it’s tagged.

So, lets get started.

The fist thing to do, as I tought you before, is to get al the ingredients and the utensils that your are going to use. I’ve put in blue what you may need. If you didn’t understand what was that, know you know.

All done
All done

Then, the next step is to heat the oil in a frying pan and sweet the shallots for four minutes. PLEASE don’t count the minutes! Cooking is about having fun, not been extremely accrued with the time. 

Add clean mushrooms and cook until they are brown (I wont put any timing, unless is necessary). Next the rice: stir occasionally. When it becomes shiny and almost translucent, and the wine. Reduce (this is, that you have to stir and wait until the alcohol has evaporated from the mixture). Then add the stock as necessary, stirring constantly until is absorbed.

Meanwhile you can put all the dirty things in the sink or dishwasher, also you can change the radio or open another beer. 

Check if the rice is cooked/aldente. It’s wire to know when the rice is ready, but it should taste like the one that your mom cooks or when you chew it, it’s not like eating raw rice.

Don’t get impatient, we are almost there!

Add the margarine and soy milk. This will give you the texture that your are looking for (assuming you are looking for one) Stir and add the parmesan and rocket. Keep stirring, but beware on spilling. 

Ready to serve
Ready to serve

Serve immediately.

For a great presentation, you can heat the oven and put the plates inside for a couple of minutes so they’ll be hot. After taking them out of the oven, remember to use gloves, put some rocket on the middle of the plates and over that, the amount you want to serve. You can decorated with parmesan, oil, pepper and what ever you want to put on top. It’s your choice. 

It can be served with red wine. The Shiraz is my favourite, but I don’t know if it is gluten free.

Ideally eat everything the same day, but you can keep the rest on the fridge; just wait until is cold or room temperature. For reheating, use a saucepan, soy milk and a wooden spoon. I suppose you don’t need instructions for reheating food. I you do, please ask.  


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